How to setup a Twitter App for Tweet2Download

In order to use our Tweet2Download WordPress plugin, you’ll first need to register your blog with twitter by creating a “Twitter App” our plugin can use.

To begin, go to the Twitter App setup page here (you’ll need to sign-in into your Twitter account if you haven’t already).

Next, fill in the Application registration form from Twitter. An example of how to do it is shown in the picture below:


After you’ve clicked Register application, if you’ve done everything correctly you’ll be taken to your Twitter Application page. You’ll need 3 things from this page, the API key, the Consumer key and the Consumer secret. The picture below shows where to find them on the Twitter Application page:

Enter these values you got from Twitter into your “Tweet2Download Settings” page, this can be found in wp-admin -> Settings -> Tweet2Download Settings. Once you Copy&Paste these values from Twitter into your blog, click “Save Changes”.

Your Tweet2Download plugin is now ready to be used!

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24 Responses to "How to setup a Twitter App for Tweet2Download"

  1. mark says:

    Hi Popra

    What a fabulous app, thanks so much for sharing.

    I have followed all these instructions and tried several times but i am getting the following error

    “There was an error connecting to twitter, probably a consumer key/secret issue.”

    I have registered the app with twitter and checked and double checked the api key, consumer key and secret but keep getting this error ;-(

    When i open the twitter app again, it seems to automatically go back to client rather than browser if i don’t leave a callback URL

    hope you can help, all the best


    • popra says:

      Hey Mark,

      glad you like it! You can put your blogs URL in the Callback field.

    • keise says:

      same here i get an error message saying

      “There was an error connecting to twitter, probably a consumer key/secret issue.”

      and all my info is correct ..any help i really need to plugin !

      • thomas says:

        Same here, I get this error “There was an error connecting to twitter, probably a consumer key/secret issue.”

        I set up the API key with the Consumer key, since the API key doesn’t exist anymore on the new Twitter API.

        How can I solve this problem?

        Thanks in advance!

  2. Alex says:

    Awesome, thanks Popra!

  3. erik says:

    why does http://streetkode.com/magaziine/project/imagine-that/ work but then the domain i want to put it on http://realmatik.com/magaziine/project/imagine-that/ doesnt work? using the same API keys from twitter… the domain configs are the same.. php 5 curl.. etc

    i get the error: There was an error connecting to twitter, probably a consumer key/secret issue.

  4. Tony says:

    You should probably tell people what to do next. It took me a few minutes to figure out that you have to start a post and use the bird with the blue plus symbol next to here you would upload an image while posting. Then users will have to go in and change the text.

    It would also be cool if we could switch the buttons out and add our own branding on the send page.

    Thanks for a great plugin.

    • evan austin says:

      Good call…without your Comment, i wouldn’t have known what to do next, either. (In fact, i still don’t:

      1. we can only offer T2D items in new blog posts? Not in a sidebar widget, for example?

      2. Once i upload a file and indicate that it’s to be downloaded using T2D, all it put in the new post was text…no code or anything.


  5. Joycellyn says:

    Hi there,

    I’m getting this error message at the bottom of the post, what shall I do:

    tweet2download error: “tweet” attribute missing. eg. [tweet2download file="my-file.zip" tweet="I've downloaded a file from %%post-url%%" follow="@batman"]

    the callback url is my website’s homepage and the app setting are all correct…

    What is going wrong?

  6. This is a very innovative idea. Is there a way to adapt this for use with blogspot?

  7. Saijo George says:


    any idea where do you find the API key in the new dev.twitter.com interface ? I cant seem to find it :(

  8. Joe Simmons says:

    Hello the current Twitter application page does not look like the example.

    Where is the API key on the settings page? Am I supposed to use the Consumer Key twice or

    leave it blank ?

  9. Sheryl says:

    With Twitters Newest Changes where do I find the API key?
    Is it the “Access token” or “Access token Secret” or something else altogether?

    Will this plugin even work with the changes made this past week?

    Thank you

  10. Colin says:

    Twitter seem to have changed the way in which an application is set up and no longer issue an API key.

    They still issue a Consumer key and Consumer secret, but I am not sure what to put in place of the API key in the Tweet2Download options.

    Can anyone help?

  11. tom says:

    Hi, i receive the following error:

    Could not tweet, please try again later. (401:{“error”:”Read-only application cannot POST”,”request”:”\/1\/statuses\/update.json”})

    I could not find the App API key on the twitter website – it appears many of the fields in your screenshots have since been removed (in the sign up form) and so I wonder whether the API key has been removed / moved too?

    Any help would be fantastic! Thanks

  12. Ryan says:

    Hey, Please help me. I undestand how it all works and stuff, when i create the application in twitter it does not supply me with a API key. Ive followed all the instructions and its only the API part that is missing.

    Its driving me crazy, please help.


  13. Zesdion says:

    Hi, I tried to register a new app.
    After registering, I couldn’t see any API key as shown into the picture.
    I can see consumer key and secret key etc.
    Can you please check it out for me? Is twitter API is known with another name now?

    Can you kindly email me the info at: zesdion@gmail.com


  14. evan austin says:

    It seems the screens have changed, so not all the information shown in your images is in the same place or even present at all. For example, i don’t see an API Key on the second page…

  15. Cassel says:

    Somehow, maybe Twitter has changed, but once i try to get all those keys, i do not have anything that looks like what you have in the example. I cannot even find the API key. I tried twice, thinking i went the wrong way, but i still cannot find it.

    Would you consider updating the illustration? And maybe explain where the API key is now?


  16. Erik says:

    Great concept. Just wished it actually worked. Same problems as everyone else. Either the “must be an error with your consumer key” blah blah blah, or after a few tweaks, nothing shows up, or I get the “tweet2download error: “tweet” attribute missing. eg. [tweet2download file="my-file.zip" tweet="I've downloaded a file from %%post-url%%" follow="@batman"]” message.

    I create web sites for a living so if I can’t figure it out, after following everyone’s advice on this string, well not many will. I guess those that get it to work are just born into royalty. Sucks to be me. Really disappointed.

  17. krishna says:

    Hi All,
    I have installed this plugin and working fine with me after mentioning the call back URl, but when i try to download this as test while i am seeing the follow button with the developer, how can i use there my name too? any idea?

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